The company

"PELLINI VINEGARS" was founded in 1980 in Korinthia and initially operated in the traditional way of acidification. In 2004, the second generation took over the company and further developed it, with modern equipment, new bottling machines, tanks and acidifiers, producing new vinegar products, both for the domestic market and for abroad.

The company both produces and bottles red and white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, classic balsamic cream and balsamic cream with fruits juice.

It packs its products in plastic, glass and squeeze bottles, depending on the needs of its customers.

"PELLINI VINEGARS" exports its products to Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Ukraine, Canada, USA and Russia.

The company provides the ability to create products with customers label(Private label), based on their needs and suggestions. Customers of "PELLINI VINEGARS" abroad, have created their own line with products of the company.